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In order to become a Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer, your first step is to take an online four-part series of classes, focused on canine fitness and conditioning. The goal of the classes is to provide a comprehensive program that will allow you to understand and safely implement an exercise program for dogs. Class topics include:

  • canine anatomy
  • canine conditioning and physiology
  • exercise physiology and science
  • movement and gait, nutrition
  • common canine conditions
  • conditioning programs

Whether your goal is to design a program that focuses on overall health and fitness or for a specific sport and activity, this series of courses will help you design an appropriate program. Participants in the program will need to heck their own regulatory guidelines by the state and country and are fully responsible for their own limitations.

Once you have completed the course, it will be followed by a comprehensive examination given by Wizard of Paws and the submission of four case studies. In order to receive your certification, you must complete all four courses at the “Gold” level (as an active participant), pass the exam with a minimum mark of 82%, and complete four case studies. This entire process typically takes 12-18 months. For more information about the CPCFT program, please click here.