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About Us

The Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainers have completed an intense 24 week, one on one program, along with a successful completion of comprehensive case studies and an examination. The individuals certified have been proven to be safe, beyond competent with their skills related to canine fitness and safety, and enthusiastic about canine fitness. Unlike any other program, the CPCFT courses and individual study through the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, Debbie Gross Torraca, and Wizard of Paws is aimed at individual learning. It is proudly not sponsored by an equipment company and encourages safety, results and competence.

I am beyond proud of these individuals who have demonstrated a dedication to the field of
canine fitness. Each of
them brings a unique knowledge, compassion and contribution
to the field. Their dedication through their learning and continued learning is
admirable. They all demonstrate an empathetic knowledge and set of safety skills.
I am so proud of them!
                                                                                                                                                                     – Debbie Gross Torraca